Internet Safety Day

Today throughout the school, we have been learning about how to stay safe online and when using different technologies.  Each class have carried out different activities, from learning about the impact of our digital footprint, to understanding how to stay safe when using different apps, computer games and online messaging services.

We have also watched different videos and listened to music to help us to understand the topic too.  Below are some resources for both parents and pupils about how we can stay safe when online.  Please take time to share and discuss the following links at home:

Who Do You Share Your Details With? (Song)

The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew (Childnet)

Kidsmart – Parent Guide (Childnet)

Net Aware – A Parents’ Guide To Apps Your Child Is Using (NSPCC)

ThinkYouKnow Website

Internet Matters – Advice for parents of 6-10 year olds

Internet Matters – Advice for parents of 11-13 year olds

Internet Matters – Social Networking in Online Gaming

Internet Matters – PDF Resources and Guides for Parents

The 2017 Nativity Play

This week, the children in school have been taking part in the annual Christmas nativity play.  The children were all fantastic during the four performances of the play, with the pupils singing and dancing really well throughout each show.  A special mention must be given to the Reception children for making their on-stage debuts and the Year 6 pupils for learning all of their lines and performing very strong roles – Craig Revel Horwood’s job may be on the line for the next series of Strictly!

Christmas Theatre Trips

This week, the children throughout the school have visited Derby Theatre for to see two live performances.  The Key Stage One pupils went to see The Gingerbread Man on Tuesday afternoon and particularly enjoyed watching a fantastic performance of the stage show with lots of music and action.  On Thursday, the Key Stage Two pupils enjoyed a visit to see Peter Pan, which even starred an ex-pupil of Willington Primary School!  The children particularly enjoyed the scenes when Peter Pan and Wendy flew across the stage, whilst many also enjoyed the fantastic singing and music which was performed by the actors.  Many thanks to all of the adults who helped to organise and assist on the trip!

Year 4 Class Assembly

On Friday, the children in Year 4 presented their first class assembly of the year.  They told parents, carers and the rest of the school about their recent trip to the Kinara Indian Restaurant, showing photographs and information from their visit.  They demonstrated how to make a vegetable curry, and even waited on for Miss Cope when she visited “Rodgers’ Restaurant”.  The children ended their assembly by showing the school some of their fabulous Norman homework projects which they created.

Well done Year 4 – A lovely assembly and thank you to the adults who came to watch too.

Remembrance Day

At the end of lunchtime today, all of the children gathered round the trees at the edge of the playground to remember those who had been affected by war and conflict throughout the years.  Stones, painted with poppies, had been placed on the ground, and these were used as a focal point for a one-minute silence.  This was impeccably held by all of the pupils and staff at school.  Many thanks to everyone involved and for the beautifully painted stones.

Year 6 Class Assembly

Today, the Year 6 pupils held their class assembly about their trip to Lea Green.  Through the use of the well-known story called ‘Bear Hunt’, the children described their experience of the Lea Green residential trip and how they all worked together as a team to face and overcome the different challenges which they were set.  They even sang their own song to the tune of Will Young’s ‘Evergreen’ about their three days away from home.  Well done Year 6 – a wonderful assembly!

Year 2 Class Assembly

On Friday, the Year 2 pupils held their first class assembly of the year.  This was really well attended by parents and everyone really enjoyed it.  The children talked about their topic about The Titanic, explaining the story through reading reports, art work and even dance!

The children also displayed some of their models which they had made at home based on The Titanic ship.

Canal and River Safety Assembly

On Friday, the children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 had a visit from the Rivers and Canal Trust.  They gave the children two special assemblies about ways to keep safe around the River Trent and the Trent and Mersey Canal.  The children learnt what to do if they found someone who had fallen in the water, and how the fire brigade would be the emergency service to call to gain help.  We encourage the children to discuss the assembly further with their adults.


Some of the pupils in Years 5 and 6 had a once in a lifetime experience today when they had the opportunity to meet Olympic bronze and silver medalist and former triathlon world champion Johnny Brownlee.  They took part in a mini-triathlon and then got to meet the main man himself!  All the children (and staff) were very excited and did particularly well in all three disciplines.  We hope that one of the children will be competing against either Alistair or Johnny in an Olympic competition in the future.

Pirate Adventures!

All of the children throughout the school dressed up as pirates on Tuesday.  There were lots of great costumes from all of the children (and the staff too!) and lots of adventures were had by all.  In Year 2, the children made treasure maps and as part of Science day today, they learnt about magnetism and even made their treasure maps move!