Internet Safety Day

Today throughout the school, we have been learning about how to stay safe online and when using different technologies.  Each class have carried out different activities, from learning about the impact of our digital footprint, to understanding how to stay safe when using different apps, computer games and online messaging services.

We have also watched different videos and listened to music to help us to understand the topic too.  Below are some resources for both parents and pupils about how we can stay safe when online.  Please take time to share and discuss the following links at home:

Who Do You Share Your Details With? (Song)

The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew (Childnet)

Kidsmart – Parent Guide (Childnet)

Net Aware – A Parents’ Guide To Apps Your Child Is Using (NSPCC)

ThinkYouKnow Website

Internet Matters – Advice for parents of 6-10 year olds

Internet Matters – Advice for parents of 11-13 year olds

Internet Matters – Social Networking in Online Gaming

Internet Matters – PDF Resources and Guides for Parents

Coding in Year 4

The children in Year 4 have begun coding using the computer application called ‘Scratch’.  Having begun to investigate how it can be used yesterday, they have begun to program sprites to draw and to make patterns using algorithms.  The children were then asked to make an algorithm for Mr Rodgers to play a CD in the CD player.  Many rather ‘interesting’ sets of instructions were produced by the children which they found that they needed to then debug so that the CD could be played.  For homework, they have been asked to create an algorithm to make a jam sandwich.  This will have to be handed in on Monday.