How To Train Your Dragon

In Year 4, we are currently reading ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ as our class story.  We have been writing our own descriptions and narratives based on the story in Literacy, and drawing our own dragons in art.  Links to some of the pieces of work can be found below.  As we produce more work on our topic, we shall add it to the blog.  Keep looking out for it!

Dragon 3

Dragon 4

Dragon 5

Dragon 6

Dragon 7

Dragon 1

Dragon 2

Dragon 8


Dragon 10

Year 6 Class Story

Year 6 have started reading ‘The Watertower’ by Gary Crew and illustrated by Steven Woolman.  It has really got us talking as it has left us with more questions than answers!  It’s a bit creepy and gave us an uneasy feeling which some of us like and some of us don’t!

We’re going to be writing book reviews next week so look out for those!!

Year 5 World War Two Experience

In Year 5 on Friday, we had a visitor from the Museum of Cannock Chase who came to talk to us about World War Two.  We looked at gas masks which wartime children would have worn, and even got to recite the eight times table wearing one which we found to be really tricky!  We acted out scenes from the Blitz, and when hearing the air raid siren, we all had to hide underneath the classroom tables in case we were bombed.  We learned how not only did the Germans cause devastation in Britain, but the allied forces also caused great devastation in Germany too.  We also used actual money from World War Two to carry out some shopping.  We all had a fantastic morning and learned lots of new information which will help us with in our new topic on the second world war.

Year 2 and Derby County Community Trust

Year 2 have really enjoyed a visit from Simon and Lauren from the Derby County Community Trust who go to Kenya every May as part of the Rams in Kenya scheme. They told us all about the Jubilee Academy near Nakuru and what their school is like. We learnt about what it was like to live there, some of the animals you can find and also about the Maasai tribe.

They very kindly let us have a Nativity scene made by one of the people they met whilst in Kenya. We have enjoyed playing with it this afternoon.

We sent some letters and photos of the school with Simon to give to the children in Kenya. We are hoping that they will send us back a reply. We are also hoping to do some fundraising in school.

Year 1 Early Riders

This morning, we had our second Bikeability Balance session provided by the Active Schools Partnership. The programme develops our gross motor skills as well as spatial awareness and dynamic and static balance, through a range of skill based games and activities.

This morning, we practised our gliding skills and then played a couple of different racing games where we had to collect the beanbags and bring them back to our team.  We also had a ‘free ride’ game at the end where we had to concentrate on where we were going. When our instructors shouted ‘STOP’ we had to do this as quickly and as safely as possible. 

We are already looking forward to our final session next week!

Year 6 cookery with the WI volunteers

This half term, volunteers from the Willington WI have been visiting school to work with the Year 6 pupils.  Each Monday afternoon, they have taken 12 children to teach them different cookery skills.  Over the first three weeks of term, the children have been learning to make ragu sauce.  They learned how to chop up vegetables carefully and create a thick and delicious sauce to take home.  Over the next three weeks, the children will be learning to make rock buns.  We are grateful to the volunteers of Willington WI for their time in helping the children to develop their cooking skills and for providing the ingredients for this wonderful learning opportunity.

The WI meet in the village once each month.  More information about their group can be found at

Traction Man Is Here!

In Literacy, Year 1 have been reading a book called ‘Traction Man is Here’ by Mini Grey. In the story, he goes on lots of adventures and comes across various villains!

This morning, we took Traction Man on his own adventure into the deepest, darkest depths of the sink! Traction Man came across lots of different baddies including Captain Cup, Wizard Whisk, Scary Sieve, Professor Spatula and Terrible Teabag (which is why the water looks a bit murky!!).

The children really had to use their imaginations to come up with their character and then used describing words to write about their Villain!

Next week, we will be writing our very own Traction Man adventure at school!

Stay tuned for more!

Coding in Year 4

The children in Year 4 have begun coding using the computer application called ‘Scratch’.  Having begun to investigate how it can be used yesterday, they have begun to program sprites to draw and to make patterns using algorithms.  The children were then asked to make an algorithm for Mr Rodgers to play a CD in the CD player.  Many rather ‘interesting’ sets of instructions were produced by the children which they found that they needed to then debug so that the CD could be played.  For homework, they have been asked to create an algorithm to make a jam sandwich.  This will have to be handed in on Monday.