The Titanic

The children in Year 2 have been learning about the Titanic.  They have been painting pictures of the ship and learning about its story in class.  A member of the class has even built a Lego model of the Titanic ship.  Lots of other models are also being brought into school of the ship, and these can be seen in the classroom.

Year 4 Norman Homework Projects

This half term, the Year 4 pupils have been very busy creating Norman artefacts, models and reports as part of their half termly homework projects.  The children enjoyed creating a wide variety of models, including shields, swords, wooden castles and life-size armour.  One child even created a model motte and bailey castle out of cake – possibly inspired by The Great British Bake Off!  The children will now discuss their work and share the photographs of the work which they did at home, along with their homework books.

Well done to all of the children and many thanks to all of the adults at home who have supported the children with creating such fabulous project homework.

Year 6 Residential – Day 3

The children in Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their final day on residential and are now all back home. The day began after breakfast when the children had the opportunity to use an indoor traversing wall. They then enjoyed using the buggies where the teachers got to see some budding Jenson Buttons in action whilst they were lapping circuits of the buggy course. After a session of orienteering, the children began the afternoon by building shelters in the woodland. After these were tested for waterproofing, the children ended their stay by sitting around the campfire, toasting marshmallows.

Overall, the children all had a fantastic time during the three days away. They all got to try out new experiences, whether it was trying a new food, a new activity or simply being away from home for the first time. They all learnt how to challenge themselves and through these challenges, achieve greater than they initially thought.

Well done Year 6. A really fantastic three days was had by all!

Year 6 Residential – Day 2

Today, the children enjoyed a delicious breakfast of cereals followed by eggs, sausages, beans and toast. The class were then split into two different groups when one group took part on the high ropes course this morning, followed by them then taking part in ‘the jungle’ during the afternoon. The other group did these activities in reverse order. Lots of children achieved more than they thought they could on the high ropes, with many actually climbing to the top of the totem pole! The children particularly enjoyed crawling through the jungle, where they got VERY muddy indeed! After tea later, the children will be taking part in the ‘smugglers run’. I’m sure there will be some very tired children later!

Year 6 Residential

The Year 6 children are having a great time on the first day of their residential. They have been on a treasure hunt, done the low ropes course and been on a fantastic obstacle course too.  They have just got back from the softplay and are now waiting for dinner. Looking forward to the night walk later.

Canal and River Safety Assembly

On Friday, the children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 had a visit from the Rivers and Canal Trust.  They gave the children two special assemblies about ways to keep safe around the River Trent and the Trent and Mersey Canal.  The children learnt what to do if they found someone who had fallen in the water, and how the fire brigade would be the emergency service to call to gain help.  We encourage the children to discuss the assembly further with their adults.

Maths Reasoning

During their maths lessons, the Year 4 pupils have been reasoning about addition.  They discussed how different columns changed when different amounts are added to a number.  The children then had to prove whether an addition concept was correct or not.  Here is an example of reasoning which was firstly discussed in the child’s maths group and then written in the child’s book.

British Values

Following their trip to the Indian restaurant in the village, the Year 4 pupils have been discussing different cultures in Britain and how important that it is to find out about them.  The class came up with a list of words which describe what ‘being British’ meant to them.  They were then put on a word cloud to show what the most common themes in the class were.

Magic Meerkat Tours Around WPS!

The Year 1 pupils have been learning how to use the digital camera.  They learned how to take photos and also talked about where the images are stored (on the memory card) and how to transfer these onto the computer to print!  The children took Magic Meerkat on a tour of the school to show him where different classrooms were.  He even got to sit in Mrs Gallimore’s chair!

Next week, they will be using the photos to write postcards back to Magic’s family in the Kalahari Desert all about his tour of our school.